After Hours Week Two Show and Notes!

Blazing Start – Austin Austin – The Monaco GP should NOT be removed from the F1 Calendar Hain – Jaylen Brown is the best basketball player who can’t dribble Hernan – Touching the ball after a goal allowed in soccer should be a red card The High Five – Hernan What are your thoughts onContinue reading “After Hours Week Two Show and Notes!”

Champions League Final Recap: How Real Madrid Won Number 14

Real Madrid and Liverpool played a thrilling Champions League Final on Saturday, and while many thought Liverpool would walk away with their second trophy in four years, it was Los Blancos who triumphed once again, adding another chapter to their storied history in the competition. Read more to learn about just how they accomplished this 14th.

Misses and Money: The Teams in the 2022 NCAA Tournament that are over or underseeded

Happy March! It’s the analytics holy grail this time of year with the greatness of March Madness upon us! The tournament begins today with the first set of 16 games and will conclude on April 4th with the National Championship in New Orleans, Louisiana. The field of 68 was released on Sunday the 13th andContinue reading “Misses and Money: The Teams in the 2022 NCAA Tournament that are over or underseeded”

MLB Bold Offseason Predictions

One Bold Off-season Prediction for Each MLB Division. AL East: The Yankees will sign two premier infielders this offseason. It is no secret that the Yankees infield struggled this season, especially on defense. With a plethora of elite infielders available this offseason, don’t be surprised if the Yankees open up their wallet for one ifContinue reading “MLB Bold Offseason Predictions”

Starting Hot: Super Bowl Week!

By: Austin Streitmatter Happy Monday! Welcome to Starting Hot, a new section where we look at some of the events in the sports world during the upcoming week with a special highlight to our Game of The Week and our Team of the Week. We won’t dive super into detail on every game here butContinue reading “Starting Hot: Super Bowl Week!”