MLB All-Star Break Power Rankings: Teams Seeking Soto

There is no denying that Juan Soto is one of the best players in baseball right now…and the crazy thing is he is only 23 and likely to be traded! It is rare that someone so young and incredibly talented is on the market for long, and the race to acquire Soto is on. TheContinue reading “MLB All-Star Break Power Rankings: Teams Seeking Soto”

MLB Power Rankings: Three top trade targets.

David Bednar, CP for the Pittsburgh Pirates: If you don’t already know, David Bednar has been one of the best closers in baseball so far this season. Bednar has a higher fWAR than elite closers Josh Hader and Edwin Diaz. He also has an elite 1.30 ERA for a rebuilding Pirates team that does notContinue reading “MLB Power Rankings: Three top trade targets.”

MLB Power Rankings: Teams I’m Buying and Selling.

There has been a lot of movement in the MLB Power Rankings this week, and here are some teams I’m buying and selling right now. Cleveland Guardians On face value alone, this team isn’t very impressive. They’re second in a weak AL Central, their offense isn’t very spectacular, and they have the third-lowest payroll inContinue reading “MLB Power Rankings: Teams I’m Buying and Selling.”

The Future of Sports Fandom

How do professional sports teams crack the code on better engagement with Generation Z? As Generation Z enters their 20s, they have unique preferences for engaging with sports. Professional teams and leagues on the leading edge are figuring out how to innovatively connect with this critical group of fans. This short YouTube video walks you through insightsContinue reading “The Future of Sports Fandom”

Sports Media Spotlight: The Old Man & the Three

A lot of times, athlete podcasts can be hit or miss. That is not the case with The Old Man & the Three. This podcast is led by longtime NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick and, in my opinion, is the best podcast by an athlete on the market. Redick has a talent for asking great, pryingContinue reading “Sports Media Spotlight: The Old Man & the Three”

Winners and Losers of the NBA Trade Dealine

Yesterday’s NBA trade deadline provided basketball fans with a lot of fireworks. Here are my thoughts on who won and who lost during the Trade Deadline. Winners: Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavs are one of the biggest surprises so far this NBA season. The combination of young talents such as Evan Mobley, Darius Garland, and JarrettContinue reading “Winners and Losers of the NBA Trade Dealine”

MLB Bold Offseason Predictions

One Bold Off-season Prediction for Each MLB Division. AL East: The Yankees will sign two premier infielders this offseason. It is no secret that the Yankees infield struggled this season, especially on defense. With a plethora of elite infielders available this offseason, don’t be surprised if the Yankees open up their wallet for one ifContinue reading “MLB Bold Offseason Predictions”

The Broken Bat: A Lucky Home Run

Good Afternoon, It’s Wednesday, Septemeber 2nd, and this is The Broken Bat: A Lucky Homerun.  So, there has been this tweet that has been bothering me the past couple of weeks. Philadelphia Eagles reporter Eliot Sharr-Parks tweeted about the NHL playoffs and said, “I could maybe score a touchdown. I could luck into a homeContinue reading “The Broken Bat: A Lucky Home Run”