After Hours Week Three Show and Notes!

Welcome to week three of After Hours! Listen in as our hosts Austin Streitmatter, Ryan Hain, and Ryan Hernan discuss players, teams and organizations that changed the game!


  • General Topic is GameChangers
  • One Big Thing
  • The High Five – Hain
    • What franchise that moved would you like to see return?
    • Thoughts on the new LIV golf league? Also do you think it is ok that this kind of money has gone into sports (Middle East oil money)? (Soccer, F1, and now Golf)
      • Implications from PGA
      • Oil money question
      • The LIV golf league…
  • Stat or Cap – Hernan
    1. Statmaster: Hernan
  • Hear Me Out – Austin
    1. Look Back on Last Week
    2. Austin – Both the Celtics and Warriors will have 15+ point wins. 
    3. Hain – Warriors win Friday, Curry more assertive
    4. Hernan – Australia to defeat Peru 2-1 and Costa Rica to defeat New Zealand 3-1

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