After Hours Week Two Show and Notes!

  1. Blazing Start – Austin
    1. Austin – The Monaco GP should NOT be removed from the F1 Calendar
    2. Hain – Jaylen Brown is the best basketball player who can’t dribble
    3. Hernan – Touching the ball after a goal allowed in soccer should be a red card
  2. The High Five – Hernan
    1. What are your thoughts on the recent Champions League Final?
    2. Who do you think is the greatest player in the NHL of the 2010s?
    3. With the rumored expansion of the NBA to 32 teams (Seattle and Las Vegas), should the MLB also consider expansion in the near future?
    4. How do you see these NBA Finals playing out?
      1. Austin’s 538 Article
    5. All-NBA Team Draft
  3. Quick Q’s – Austin
    1. Is Jimmy Butler a Top 15 NBA player?
    2. Who will win the 2022 NBA Finals MVP?
    3. Who is one MLB player you’d like to see get traded?
    4. Should Barry Bonds be in the Hall of Fame?
    5. Right now, who are you taking 1.01 in fantasy football?
    6. Will an American sports league ever have a team in Europe?
    7. Who is the best out of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic, and are they the best of all time?
  4. One Big Thing – Hernan
    1. Austin – Oregon State vs. UCLA comeback
    2. Hain – Jeter
    3. Hernan – Joc vs Pham
  5. Hear Me Out – Hain
    1. Look Back on Last Week
    2. Austin – 19+ Games of the NBA, NHL finals and semis 
    3. Hain – Warriors will be down 2-0 and the narrative will be they are done before they come back and win win 7. 
    4. Hernan – UGA will win their region in the CWS

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