Sports Media Spotlight: The Old Man & the Three

A lot of times, athlete podcasts can be hit or miss. That is not the case with The Old Man & the Three. This podcast is led by longtime NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick and, in my opinion, is the best podcast by an athlete on the market. Redick has a talent for asking great, prying questions to his guests, usually current NBA players. Redick can make his guests open up in a way that few can do in the sports media space. One of my favorite episodes is with a former teammate of JJ Redick and current Phoenix Sun Chris Paul. Here is a clip from the episode:

Chris Paul talks about the time he was injured in the playoffs against the Lakers and couldn’t raise his arm above his head. Both a fascinating and funny story.

Another one of my favorites is the interview with Warriors star Draymond Green. Green is acknowledged as one of the most intelligent minds in basketball, and it shows. He has a ton of insights and commentary about the current state of the NBA and the Warriors dynasty.

I recommend this podcast to anyone who is an NBA fan who wants detailed analysis and exciting stories. Let me know your thoughts!

One thought on “Sports Media Spotlight: The Old Man & the Three

  1. Truly enjoyed! JJ Redick is a recent addition to ESPN. I’m like you, he has very good insight on the game of NBA basketball. Your post was very interesting.


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