By Bo Burgess

Happy Monday everyone! After a truly wild sports weekend there is PLEANTY to overreact to! This week we’re making the boldest, hottest takes based on what we have seen this week in the sports world. Now I’m not going to call myself Skip Bayless because I actually try and take a little pride in my takes, but these are some absolute heaters. So with that, let’s begin.

  1. The days of “SEC Defense” are truly over. If you enjoy gambling and SEC football, boy do I hope you pounded the overs this week. Aside from the Auburn-Arkansas game which was being played in a literal Hurricane, every single SEC game had fireworks. Texas A&M and Florida were both over 35 points, Alabama couldn’t stop a nosebleed, and even South Carolina managed to somehow find some offense and put a 45 spot on poor ole Vandy. UGA was the only team that even looked somewhat competent on defense, but Tennessee isn’t exactly breaking any scoring records. The Dawgs will be tested much more severely this week against the Crimson Tide after they hung 63 on the Ole Miss Rebels/Landsharks/whatever else they call themselves.
  2. Texas A&M May be on to something with their “Limited Capacity” rules. If you have a Twitter account odds are you saw how PACKED Kyle Field was this past Saturday. There was an announced attendance of 24,700 but just by watching the game on TV you could easily see that number simply was not true. Gator’s coach Dan Mullen made some news after the game, asking UF administration to raise the capacity of the swamp because “the crowd played a major factor”. I personally think it was a great move by A&M, smelling an upset, to let a few thousand extra Aggie fans into the stadium. I have been to that stadium at its full 102,000 person capacity and let me tell you, it’s a loud place, and I have no doubt that even half that number could make an instant impact on a game.
  3. Manchester United are wasting Marcus Rashford’s golden years. After netting a goal for England at the weekend, Marcus returns to Manchester and a hurting United team. They are getting ZERO (0) help from Chairman Ed Woodward who has to be thrilled that no fans were on hand during their most recent 1-6 home loss to Tottenham to let him know their thoughts on his performance. Rashford is a generational talent at striker and his time in Manchester may come to a close sooner than expected if United continues to waste time signing 33 year old strikers when they need someone to help Harry Maguire in the back.
  4. The 1-4 Houston Texans are the best team in the AFC South. After a huge win against Jacksonville yesterday, the now Bill O’Brian-less Texans seem to be on to something. JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson simply refuse to let this team suffer anymore and the only team that is going to give them a run for their money is the Colts. Jacksonville, Despite my faith in them earlier this year, is not a good football team. The Titans can’t keep their players off of Broadway long enough to prevent a coronavirus positive test. Look out for this new era in Houston.
  5. The LA Lakers will repeat as champions next year. Look I know they haven’t even had the championship parade yet, but no one is going to stop both Lebron and Anthony Davis. Look for key role players like Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to improve over the offseason, and for the Lakers to be right back in this position next year!

That’s all the overreacting I feel safe doing this week! As always please let us know your thoughts on this week’s Overreactions on social media or in the comments below!

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