The Roundtable: Most Dominant Player

Hey! Welcome to The Roundtable, a section where our 3 authors all answer a debated question in sports. This time we discuss “The Most Dominant Player” regardless of gender, era or sport. Here’s the question we all answered “Who, in your opinion, is the most dominant player of all time?” Answer it below in the comments before you read or read and tell us why you disagree or agree!

Ryan Hain: Tiger Woods, Golfer

My most dominant player or my “GOAT” would have to be Tiger Woods. There has never been a player across any sport that has been able to thoroughly dominate a sport as Tiger Woods has. Across his whole career, Tiger has spent 683 weeks as the world number one golfer. To put that in perspective, that would equal just over 13 years and 4,781 days. No other golfer has even come close to that amount. During his peak, no one was able to touch Tiger. It’s kind of funny seeing all of these stats because most of the time, Tiger is just competing with himself. For example, Woods is the only player to win more than one major championship with a score of 18-under or better. He has done it five times. Another stat is only ten players since World War II have won a major championship at age 24 or younger. Before Tiger turned 25, he was a five-time major champion and had already completed the grand slam. One more is Tiger Woods is credited with 41 career European Tour wins, third-most all-time. He has never played full-time on the European Tour. What really cemented his status as the GOAT for me was his victory at the 2019 Masters, which I think is the most remarkable comeback in all sports. Tiger’s injuries that he came back from are ones that most people, not to mention athletes, fully return from. Tiger overcame that and some personal issues to win some say the most challenging tournament to win in Golf, The Masters. The moment he won was a sports memory I will always remember. Tiger Woods is definitely my GOAT, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

Austin Streitmatter: Breanna Stewart, Forward, Seattle Storm

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “She’s only 26 and plays Women’s Basketball” and my counter to you would be those exact same thoughts. Stewart is only 26 years old and her resume is already that of a unanimous first ballot hall of famer. If I listed everything she won here, this section would be ridiculously long so I’ll just pick the highlights. She’s a 4 time NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player, 4x NCAA Champion, 3x National Player of the Year (lost her freshman year to Britney Griner, a perennial all-star in the W) That’s only what she’s done in College. Stewart has been the best player at her level and arguably above her level too during her entire career. She’s won a FIBA World Cup MVP, a Euroleague Women’s MVP and a WNBA MVP. She has consistently dominated the game. Just recently in 2018, she tore her achilles forcing her to miss an entire year but when she returned to playing she came back playing at arguably the same level as when she left. She was named USA Basketball Athlete of the year all the way back in 2011 and 2013 but then also again in 2018. She is without a doubt the best women’s basketball player in the world.

Bo Burgess: Travis Etienne, Running Back, Clemson Football

Travis has been the best running back in college football for the past 2 years but because he plays on the same team as Trevor Lawrence, hasn’t gotten near the touches or recognition that a back of his caliber should. Travis this weekend tied the FBS record for most games with a Touchdown (38) joining Tim Tebow (Florida) and Kenneth Dixon (La. Tech). He has been named ACC player of the year in back to back seasons and is well on his way to amassing over 6,500 total yards of offense for his career and is in the top 5 in college football history for his career YPC (7.7).

Some Honorable Mentions: Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt

So, that’s our picks! Let us know what you think and join our roundtable in the comments below!

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