By Bo Burgess

Good Morning to everyone except the Dallas Cowboys, Mississippi State Bulldogs, and Houston Texans Coach Bill O’Brian. Because of you three I am a poor man, and as a wise person once said, “I have been a rich man and I have been a poor man, and I choose rich every time.” I suppose that’s what I get for gambling. Anyways, welcome into Overreaction Monday where every Monday I overreact wildly to the previous week’s events. Sometimes I’m right (see: my “the Clippers may not beat the Nuggets” take) and sometimes I am hilariously wrong (see: my “anything nice I’ve ever said about the Jacksonville Jaguars” take), but either way, these are the hottest takes on the internet so please enjoy!

  1. The Heat will not win another game this NBA Finals. Jimmy Butler proved last night that he belongs in the conversation of really good NBA players, but that is about all he is going to gain from this year’s Finals. Without Dragic or Bam the Heat simply cannot keep up with a now very angry Lebron James, and Anthony Davis. The Lakers got embarrassed last night, don’t expect it to happen again.
  2. The Miami Hurricanes are not a good football team. I know I ran this last week, but just wanted to remind everyone that the Hurricanes are going to (in my very unbiased and fair opinion) get smoked by Clemson this coming Saturday. The #8 Hurricanes have played a bad FSU team, a bad Louisville team, and UAB. They have looked good in lopsided victories, but have allowed a whole bunch of points and the offense has shown flaws.  Following a bye week they get rewarded for their efforts with a trip to Death Valley to visit the #1 Clemson Tigers. That game will be as telling as any as to how good this team really is.
  3. Jimbo Fisher is not a quarterback whisperer or even a good coach. Once considered the best offensive mind in the country, and heir apparent to Bobby Bowden at Florida State, Jimbo has not looked great in the past 10 years. Aside from Jameis Winston, which, let’s face it, our beloved Editor-in-Chief Austin Streitmatter could have won a National Championship with, Jimbo’s last 10 years as a head coach has looked like this: EJ Manuel, Clint Trickett, Jameis Winston, Everett Golson, Sean Maguire, Deondre Francois, James Blackman, and Kellen Mond. Seems bad for a guy who has made his chops as a “QB whisperer” and “Offensive Guru”.
  4. The “Gus Bus” is off the road” I saw a stat this weekend that said Auburn has not won in Athens (UGA), Tuscaloosa (Alabama), or Baton Rouge (LSU) in its last 21 attempts. The last time the Tigers won in one of these SEC rival’s home stadiums was in 2010 when Cam Newton led Auburn back from a 24-0 deficit against the Crimson Tide. I feel like this is a huge issue for Gus Malzahn now in his 8th season as the Coach on the plains. If Auburn ever wants to have success, it needs to rid itself of Gus or Gus needs to start winning some of these massive road games.
  5. Orlando City Soccer Club is the best Club in MLS. I’ve wanted to add this one in for weeks, but I couldn’t bring myself to Overreact to OCSC. Not after 5 years of disappointment, 4 different head coaches, 3 different “star” players signed, 2 Dom Dwyer injuries, and 1 giant mess of a front office. BUT, all that said, I AM READY! The Lions have gone on a NINE (9) game unbeaten run (a club record), they have a Captain that isn’t just here to earn some quick cash before retirement (ILY NANI) AND they FINALLY have a manager who knows how to win in MLS. All of these have set up the club to make a DEEEEEEEEEP run in the MLS cup Playoffs.

Wow that was a lot of Football/Futbol talk! As usual Let us know on Social Media or in the comments below what you think! have a great Monday everyone!

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