By Bo Burgess

Another week, another embarrassing Jaguars loss. I’ve made bold takes about them the past 2 weeks and folks I am FINISHED! I’ve been let down by the cats of Dirty DUUUUUUUUVAAALLLL too many times. This week offered several great sporting events including the return of SEC football, which leads off our overreactions for this week!

        1.      The SEC is back to being Alabama and everyone else. After an embarrassing first half by UGA and a loss at home by LSU, it would seem that the Crimson Tide are once again the SEC’s only hope at winning a National Title. One team to keep an eye on: the Florida Gators. They throttled Ole Miss in Oxford and seem to be the favorite to come out of the SEC and challenge big bad Bama.
        2.      The Miami Hurricanes are not a good football team. The #8 Hurricanes have played a bad FSU team, a bad Louisville team, and UAB. They have looked good in lopsided victories, but have allowed a whole bunch of points and the offense has shown flaws.  Following a bye week they get rewarded for their efforts with a trip to Death Valley to visit the #1 Clemson Tigers. That game will be as telling as any as to how good this team really is.
        3.      Rafa Nedal won’t Win the French Open this year. This one goes out to my friend and go-to tennis nerd Riley. Known as the master of clay courts, Nedal has won 12 of the last 15 at Roland Garros, but this year won’t be lucky number 13. Reports of Nedal not liking the weather conditions (RG is employing a new roof this year with lots of rain in the forecast) as well as him simply being out of practice could spell disaster. The Tournament is also using a new type of ball this year, and Rafa has already made comments about the ball being too heavy and not being comfortable with it.
        4.      If Lebron James wins a title in year 17, I’m ready to call him the GOAT. Lebron became the oldest player since Bill Russell to have a Triple-Double in a close out game and he looks DETERMINED to end this season with a ring. It’s not that he’s doing these things that impresses me, it’s that he is doing them in year 17 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.
        5.      The Houston Texans can still make the playoffs, if they can find Deshaun Watson some help. After starting off 0-3, the Texans can still have lots of hope. They are in a weaker division and could make a push for a wild card spot, should they not get past the Titans. However none of this matters if they don’t get Deshaun Watson one more receiving threat downfield. Randall Cobb has been playing forever and adds a lot to that locker room, but they still are missing one more piece.

That’s all for this week! As always be sure to comment below or respond to us on social media and tell us how much we’re overreacting!

One thought on “OVERREACTION MONDAY: 9/28

  1. And you forgot to mention that Tennessee is a threat to Alabama because????????

    People are saying that the road to the national championship goes through Knoxville this year. Florida stinks and so does everyone else. GBO


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