By Bo Burgess

Well team, we made it, another weekend in the books, usually this column comes out around lunchtime but alas, some of us have full time jobs so this week’s is a prime time edition of Overreaction Monday. Remember just because these are wildly hot takes, doesn’t mean that they cannot happen (see: last week me calling the Clippers losing to the Nuggets in 7).

  1. Justin Herbert will lead a team to the Super Bowl in the next 3-5 years. After forcing the defending champion KC Chief’s to kick a 58 yard field goal to win in LA this past weekend, the Oregon product had the Chargers offense firing on every cylinder. Look out for both his trade value and his fantasy stock to jump up, especially surrounded by weapons such as Mike Williams and Keenan Allen.
  2. The Big 10 should not be allowed to participate in the College Football Playoff. When I texted this to our Editor-in-Chief, Austin Streitmatter, he threatened to revoke my publishing access. Then he remembered he was an Indiana fan and they only play basketball up in Hoosierland. Regardless, my point is this, why are we rewarding a conference who tried to single handedly cancel college football, by allowing them to participate in the CFP after suddenly be peer pressured into playing a shortened 9 game season? I feel for the players and parents of these teams, but is there no accountability for the horrible lack of competency in Indianapolis??
  3. Bryson DeChambeau will not win another Major Championship. Bryson has done the unthinkable. He has entered one of the most traditional and stuck up sports on earth and completely re-imagined how to play it. Credit to him, he’s forced the golf world to see that his method of play works, but here’s the problem: now the golf world is on to him. One thing he did poorly is hit the ball straight during the US Open this past weekend. He was so good out of the rough and that allowed him to win, but what happens when he gets to the UK where links golf dominates? Dead straight, long, narrow fairways and sawgrass roughs are the downfall of his game. Don’t be surprised if golf courses slated to host Majors in the coming years start taking note and begin to alter their courses in an attempt to stop rewarding those who just hit the ball over the trees on the dogleg left.
  4. Doc Rivers is a bad coach. This one I’m gonna keep short and sweet. Take away the 2008 Celtics, his only championship as a coach and the team that basically invented the concept of “Superteam” with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul “The Truth” Pierce. Other than that team, what has he accomplished as a coach in the NBA? (Hint he’s blown 3 separate 3-1 playoff leads)
  5. The Jacksonville Jaguars are making a DEEP playoff run. The spotted cats of DIRTY DUUUUUUUVAL county are 2-0, and future league MVP Gardner Minshew looks like an all-pro QB. Tanking for Trevor? No no, Minshew and these Jags are here to STAY!

As usual, let us know here at Afternoon Analytics your thoughts on some of these takes! Maybe you think some of these aren’t as white hot as they seem…

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