By Bo Burgess

Every Monday I’ll be overreacting mightily to 5 of the best sporting events of the previous weekend. This week we’re diving into the WNBA, NBA, and some football. Remember these are the HOTTEST of hot takes, I’m talking Ghost Pepper wrapped in Jalapeño seeds hot, and while these predictions may not come true, they are wildly fun to dream about.

  1. The Las Vegas Aces will win the WNBA finals. Aja Wilson. Know the name. She’s a baller. She lead the aces past everyone’s favorite Seattle Storm to clinch the number one seed in the WNBA playoffs this weekend. There’s no doubt in my mind the Aces will be RUNNING AWAY with the title.
  2. Gardner Minshew will win NFL MVP. The Jags, who everyone and their brother are reporting to be tanking this season, went up to Indy (some people’s super bowl favorites) and beat the Colts. Minshew went 19/20 for 173 yards and 3 TD’s and looked absolutely unstoppable. He’s putting on for the folks in the Dirty DUUUUUUVAL.
  3. The Houston Texans won’t make the playoffs. Look, the score may not reflect it thanks to some late game heroics by Deshaun Watson, but the Texans looked ABYSMAL for 3.5 quarters on Thursday night.
  4. Duke will win more than 8 games this year. I know they lost to Notre Dame this past weekend but Clemson transfer Chase Brice has the Devils ROLLING on offense. He looks very good early on in this wacky 2020 season.
  5. The Boston Celtics are winning the NBA finals. No one is stopping Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown, and Kemba Walker They’re the big 3 that no one wants to see/defend. Oh? What’s that? They get Gordon Hayward back this week too??? Yeah. The Miami defense can’t touch that. Neither can the Lakers. The only team with the defensive personnel to hang tight is the Clippers, but they’re not beating the Nuggets much less the Lakers, in a 7 game series.

Let us know here at Afternoon Analytics your thoughts on some of these takes! Maybe you think some of these aren’t as white hot as they seem. Let’s have a Monday team.

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